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Fly Fishing the Beaverkill and Delaware Rivers  
      Cascading from east of Lew Beach the upper Beaverkill flows west where it meets the Willoweemoc to form the main Beaverkill River in the small town of Roscoe, also know as "Trout Town USA".  From Roscoe, the Beaverkill continues west until meeting the upper East Branch of the Delaware in the small town of East Branch.  Tight Lines North lies just upstream from this junction known as "Jaws".  From Jaws, the lower East Branch continues west, where it eventually meets the easterly flowing West Branch in the small town of Hancock, NY.  From Hancock the mighty Mainstem of the Delaware, also known as "The Big D", flows south and offers approximately 30 miles of productive trout water to the town of Cochecton, NY.       

        Including the Beaverkill, Willoweemoc, East, West and Mainstem of the Delaware there are well over 100 miles of trout water in the region to fish.  The combination of freestone and tailwater rivers gives an angler the ability to fish a variety of water types including tumbling riffles, runs and pockets to classic flat dry fly pools and defined scum-lines.  Whatever you fancy, you can find the water here.  Due to the location of the property, 3/4 of a mile from the junction of the Beaverkill and East Branch, the pools at Tight Lines North are healthy with both wild rainbow and brown trout many of which reach the 20+ inch mark.  Tight Lines North is central to all of the area rivers making it a perfect location to call home at the end of each day during your stay.

        Starting in early to mid April the hatches of the year begin to make their first sightings.  By the end of April, the Hendrickson hatch is usually in full swing and eager rainbow and brown trout begin to rise more aggressively.  Various caddis, mayflies and stoneflies continue to hatch throughout the remainder of the spring and into the summer and fall.  The challenge of figuring out the right fly or tying what you feel will represent the natural is just a small part of learning and enjoying the great sport of fly fishing....

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